Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “High Hair”

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "High Hair"

The year was 2006 and the Nike SB line was at the height of its popularity by #sneakerholics all over the world. The Nike SB line broke necks for their original and inspired ideas to create eye-catching sneaker designs. One of those sneakers was the Dunk Low Pro “High Hair” created to commemorate arena rocker Jon Bon Jovi on his 44th birthday. The design team behind design was NJ Skate shop associates Steve Lenardo, Troy Jankowski, Chris Nieratko and Todd Bratrud. NJ Skate shop was also chosen since it was the birthplace city of Bon Jovi. It was a match made in heaven. The team sat down and came up with their inspiration by looking at what made Jon stand out, his hair. Bon Jovi’s hair look and lift created by the popular aerosol product called Aqua Net was the focus of the sneaker. He was a hard rocker and to maintain that signature night after night look required some heavy-duty products so the inspiration was decided on.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "High Hair" uploaded by 1120

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “High Hair” uploaded by 1120

The upper consisted of a premium white leather upper and Swoosh with side panels in the shade, of course, Aqua. The great details on the “High Hairs” were the use of white nylon webbing on the mid panels used to resemble the white webbing design that the Aqua Net bottle had all over the canister. Another unique change about the Dunk Low was also that instead of having the traditional Nike lettering on the heel, the words “High” on one side and “Hair” on the other were stitched in. The design was a hit, especially for children of the 80’s. It was originally rumored to be released soley at the NJ Skate shop but later was distributed to Nike SB shops.


The Nike SB Dunk Low “High Hair” still does not have another sneaker that looks like it and is a rare sight. The White/Aqua look also fits in perfectly with Springtime. We are very fortunate to have them on the wiki for all of you to see. Do you have a pair in your stash or are you searching as we speak?

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