Sneaker Showcase: Nike SB Dunk Low “Lunar Eclipse” Pack

Nike SB Dunk Low “Lunar Eclipse” Pack

2006 was a very important year for the Nike Skateboarding line. Nike SB line had an excellent following for their original ideas on sneaker designs. This Nike division was highly praised for thinking outside the box and having fun with what ever they released; The Nike SB Dunk Low “Lunar Eclipse” pack added to the extensive catalog of successful builds. The Lunar pack was made to coincide with the Lunar eclipse of March 29th, 2006. What made this pack very unique was that it was meant to resemble the process and color gradient of the eclipse. James Keoni Arizumi came up with the idea to make the two pairs of clean sneakers to coincide with the theme. So the results were two versions that were created utilizing the same inspiration but looking different. 

Nike SB Dunk Low “Lunar East” uploaded by airon0828

Nike SB Dunk Low “Lunar East” uploaded by airon0828

The Nike SB Lunar Eclipse Pack was composed of mostly leather on the upper and black sole bottoms. The Zoom Air insoles added not only comfort but continued the theme featured in just black and white. The usage of contrast stitching was one of those features that made that pack a standout, seen throughout the uppers. The version released on the East coast had the light grey on the toebox fading to charcoal gradient on the heel. The pair released on the West coast was flipped and had the gradient inverted. A depiction on the heel of the moon through eclipse was stitched in to give it a bit more detail to the inspiration. Grabbing both of these pairs was not an easy task and a lot of Nike SB lovers went out of their way to make friends or connections to get the other pair.

The Nike SB Dunk Low “Lunar Eclipse” pack were another strong release in the 2006 black box era. Very few people have been able to own both pairs since they released in different parts of the world. We are still looking for the West coast version of this sneaker, if you have it please upload it to the wikipedia so we can complete the pack online. Let us know what your thoughts on this pack are, or maybe which “coaster” version is your favorite! 

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