Sneaker Spotlight: Converse Run N Slam

Converse Run N Slam

While trying to save the Sacramento Kings, revitalizing the city of Sacramento, all while being their mayor, Kevin Johnson recently celebrated his 47th birthday on March 4th. With all of his great moments in the NBA; a 3-time NBA All-Star, NBA Most Improved Player, 4 time All-NBA Second Team, and NBA Finals appearance in 1993. The man, whose career spanned over 13 years, had spent a majority of his career with the Phoenix Suns after being drafted Cleveland Cavaliers back in 1987. The Sacramento native had an illustrious career in the NBA and with that, a few sneaker sponsorships of his own. Earlier in his career, he was a Nike athlete, with such awesome kicks as the Air Flight 89 under his repertoire. Though, his most famous pair that saw his face featured on the sneakers was with Converse.

Converse Run N Slam uploaded by FeetHeat

Converse Run N Slam uploaded by FeetHeat

The Converse Run N Slam initially came out in 1993 in a black, white, and purple colorway. The colors obviously matching the team he represented, the Phoenix Suns. The Suns themselves were upon their own championship run, having reached the finals in 1993, their first appearance since 1976. The upper featured mostly leather with a Velcro strap. There was also mesh netting near the ankle and medial section, allowing for breathability. A visible gel unit could be seen on not only the heel but on the bottom as well. The sneaker themselves were part of the Converse REACT line, a custom-fit technology created for NBA athletes, featuring a focus in cushioning, stability, and support. The REACT line was part of a Gel technology that was meant to rival former competitor Nike with their “Air” lines. Each pair also came with a tag that featured his picture on it. The sneakers also had white dots and black backdrop, in line with the idea of space and the intergalactic artistry. Johnson made special note of it, walking the sky
with his ferocious slam dunk on Hakeem Olajuwon.

Converse Run N Slam KJ Ad

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