Sneaker Showcase: Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan!

Michael Jordan 6 Rings

It seems like every year, #sneakerholics celebrate two birthdays. Their own of course and Michael Jordan’s on February 17th. This year is no exception, especially with the 2013 All-Star Game taking place on the same day. On his 50th birthday, Jordan will not only have accomplished so much on the court, being both player and owner, but also off the court as well, with advertisements and endorsements far and wide. Of course, Jordan Brand will always find a way sneaker-wise to celebrate all of the great achievements he’s had in the kicks over the course of his career. We take look back at some of his defining moments and how the brand has paid tribute to them in special packages. Also, some information you may not have known about those games/situations.

Michael Jordan Jumpman

The “Beginning Moment’s” aka Old Love/New Love Pack, released on April 21st, 2007, was indicative to what once was and what is now. The Air Jordan 1’s were brought back with a fresh look in a collector’s pack that every Jordan fan would love to have in their collection. Jordan’s old love for basketball, seen in the “Black Toe” colorway, will always be a treat to his fans that followed him since the beginning. The Black/Yellow colors follow up with his new love of Motorsports. The colors used are affiliated with his beginning time with the Bulls and, at the time, beginnings with the official colors of his Team Jordan racing team.  A combination pack that depicted on the sneaker box art, the history of the time in-between his  two passions.

Air Jordan 1 "Old Love" uploaded by Filoyal

Air Jordan 1 “Old Love” uploaded by Filoyal

Air Jordan 1 "New Love" uploaded by Filoyal

Air Jordan 1 “New Love” uploaded by Filoyal

On July 11th, 2009, to give major props to one of Jordan’s first great accomplishments another special Defining Moment Package was released nicknamed the Bulls vs. Celtics 60+ Pack. After just coming back from a foot injury that cost him most of his second season in 1985-86, Michael was primed and ready to showcase to the world his talents as the soon to be Greatest. Also of note, this was the first year Jordan was rocking the classic that started it all. The Jordan I was the first sneaker in a line of many, many iterations that not only defined Jordan himself, but the way in which we viewed basketball kicks. The game in Boston on April 10th, 1986 was his arrival in the big stage. Scoring 63 points in a double OT playoff game, a mark that hasn’t been approached since… well when Jordan came the next closest in our era with 56 points.

Michael Jordan 63pts versus Boston

Air Jordan 1 "Celtics" uploaded by  @travtaug

Air Jordan 1 “Celtics” uploaded by @travtaug

Air Jordan 1 "Bulls" uploaded by  @travtaug

Air Jordan 1 “Bulls” uploaded by @travtaug

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