Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk High Pro “Twin Peaks”

Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Twin Peaks" image by JohnnyVilonious

Nike SB Dunk High Pro “Twin Peaks” image by JohnnyVilonious

More so than any other brand, with Nike SB a large number of their builds come from inspirations from things in their lives, ranging from musical groups, to beverages or even their favorite television series. A 90’s television series with a cult like following the show Twin Peaks seemed to have been the inspiration behind this Dunk High Pro that was released in early 2009.

Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Twin Peaks" uploaded by ess

Nike SB Dunk High Pro “Twin Peaks” uploaded by ess

A highly acclaimed mystery, psychological drama, Twin Peaks had many different themes, twists and a deep plot that made it so compelling. All of these things led to a following that lasted long after its final episode. The Dunk High design features a patchwork of colors and materials that represent the television series strongly. The addition of the owl image on the strap is the most noticeable feature of the design although the bright green contrast stitching used on the whole body stands a close second. The panels are made up mostly black suede along with crackled and textured leather with a smooth leather toebox. A red liner adds another bright contrast to the rest of the body. Nike SB finished off the look with a black and white zig-zag insole, a familiar sight to fans of the show. Regardless if you wear the black or green laces, these Dunk High’s are always a standout.

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