Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Flight 89 “True Blue”

Reggie Miller 3-Point Contest

The Air Flight 89, a classic style retroed within the lifestyle library of a Quickstrike label, garners this pair of sneakers a fitting revival. After almost a decade between releases, the Air Flight 89’s were brought back with a simple colorway in 2012, reaching through the history books that featured an original makeup with very few changes to the shoe itself. With so many “South Beach”, “Volt”, etc. colorways infecting a variety of different retro releases, it’s nice to see Nike reach for their roots. A traditional colorway of Blue, Red, and White aka “True Blue”, these harken memories of a time where patriotic colors were splashed about all over the All Star uniforms of our favorite players. Matchups during the 1989 season that featured Magic, Stockton, Jordan, Bird, Miller, and all of the “Dream” players you could think of.

Nike Air Flight 89 "True Blue" uploaded by That Ace Carter

Nike Air Flight 89 “True Blue” uploaded by That Ace Carter

Reggie Miller, seen above, was rocking the OG colorway of the Air Flight 89’s while participating in the 3-Point Shootout during the 1989-90 All Star Weekend festivities. Though he wasn’t able to notch another hole in his Hall of Fame belt with a victory, he did compete valiantly with style in these kicks. These shoes share a common history and similar make up with another classic in the Nike history books, the Air Jordan IV. What many don’t know though is that these shoes actually debuted before the historic pair, as opposed to being a “takedown” version of the Jays. The changes from the original release, as mentioned earlier, are quite moot. Mostly the shape of the shoe with a more flatter toe box and vertical heel lend to the differences. Also, the blue is brighter in comparison to the original pair. The nice touch of keeping the “AIR FLIGHT” inside tongue tag upside down is a great reminder of a different era. Trends come and go, sometimes with style, other times with colorways. What remains true is what they represented. The Air Flight 89 brings back a flood of memories, whether you rocked them when they first came out or found a pair during 2012’s release.

One response to “Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Flight 89 “True Blue”

  1. I have an oringinal pair of the white blue air flight 89s. What’s the value of them with some color fading but no wear?

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