Sneaker Showcase: Happy Birthday Larry Bird

Larry Bird wearing the Converse Weapon Hi

With a nickname like “Larry Legend” you have a lot to live up to but when it comes to that, former Boston Celtics sharpshooter Larry Bird does not disappoint, in fact he’s been making history in his sneakers for years. Bird led the Celtics to a number of titles throughout the early 80’s and his sneakers were just as legendary as his performances on the court.

Larry Bird not only spent his entire career with the Boston Celtics, he also spent his entire career wearing classics from Converse. One of his early sneakers of choice was the Converse Pro Leather, which has always been closely associated with one of his rivals, Julius “Dr. J” Erving. Dr. J opted for the white based colorway, while Larry Bird stuck with the black based colorway seen below.

Converse Pro Leather uploaded by Peter Semple
Converse Pro Leather uploaded by Peter Semple

In the mid-80’s Larry Bird faced off with another rival, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, in one of the most memorable sneaker advertising campaigns of all time. The Converse Weapon was featured in “Choose Your Weapon” ads featuring Magic and Bird each choosing a different colorway. Bird opted for the black and white version pictured below and Magic chose a more “Showtime” appropriate Lakers colorway.

Converse Weapon uploaded by Elliot.CurtisConverse Weapon uploaded by Elliott.Curtis

In 1992, as a member of the Team USA “Dream Team” Larry Bird was set up with his own pair of Converse specially made for the Olympics. The picture below shows Larry Legend pre-game chatting with Dream Team teammate Patrick Ewing. The Converse “CONS” Larry Bird sneakers feature the USA logo on the tongue and Larry’s jersey #7 stitched into the ankle. These rare gems are missing from the wiki and we would love to have a #sneakerholic help us out with an upload of them. And of course, we’d like to wish Larry Bird a Happy Birthday!

Larry Bird wearing Converse CONS in the Olympics in 1992

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