Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase: Group Shots #8

@Sn3ak3r_Fr3ak3r and @SNKRFANATIC15

What is better then one Sneaker Showcase a week? Well two of course! Here we have a special Group Showcase to show off #sneakerholics shots from all over the globe and a way to send off November. Showing that two or more is better then one, this special Showcase is a great way to enjoy last day before the start of the last month of the year. Check out every page of sneaker shots and let us know who’s group shots are your favorites. And as always be sure to send your sneaker shot pictures to us @Sneakerpedia and/or use the #sneakerholics tag to have a chance of making the regular showcase and the group one as well.

@Mr_Aznar Toronto

@20aj12 and brother


@T_Raww_G Portland







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