Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase


It was a busy sneaker week with plenty of releases consisting of a mixture of new builds and old classics returning. But to kick off the latest showcase we see #sneakerholic @mwhit023 making it known that the Jumpman is over the Yeezy. As with every week the pages are full of a variety of brands, models and types of photos. Another international affair to kick off the last week of November. Share with us your favorite sneaker shots on Twitter or in the comment’s section below. And remember to be one of the random choices for the next showcase just send a picture of what sneakers you are wearing to @Sneakerpedia, and/or use the hashtag #sneakerholics throughout the week.



@The_Kid_Koncept South Africa

@genetikmusic Netherlands





@Al_Morris_ London

@KiNGHiZZY New York

@Art_screwhead Houston


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