Sneaker Spotlight: SNS x Asics GT-II

SNS x Asics GT-II

Over the years premier Swedish retailer Sneakers N’ Stuff aka SNS has worked with a variety of brands. On the blog we have looked at collaborations with Reebok and Puma previously. Here we see a design they created with Asics, with whom they have a strong relationship, on the favorite GT-II. As with many sneakers the inspiration behind the design is very important and SNS has a great story behind this grey and red build.

SNS x Asics GT-II uploaded by Tomo92SNS x Asics GT-II uploaded by Tomo92

The GT-II that we see here gets inspiration from a time long ago, the 4th century. That was a time when vikings raised runestones around Sweden to mark their territory, honor thy family and win power and glory. The colors used on the sneaker are ones featured on traditional runestones with materials that looked like stone. Added into the Asics’ side stripes were rune lettering to finish off the 4th Century inspired look. The SNS logo is featured on the dual branded tongue and the heel of the right sneaker in “rune” font.

A simple look that accomplishes the look of its inspiration. What are your thoughts of this collaborative effort from SNS and Asics?

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