Sneakerpedia: Crate of the Month October

There is nothing like having the chance to win some fantastic prizes with an easy task. For the latest Crate of the Month the theme will be to show the judges your personal Top 10 adidas sneakers. For the past few contests the winners have shown diversity in models, colors and great stories behind their sneakers. Winning the Crate of Month is a difficult challenge but the rewards are more than worth the time and effort.

Narrow down your 10 choices to submit and be sure to explain whey you chose the ones your did. The winning Top 10 adidas submission will win not one, but two pairs of the brand new adidas D Rose 3. As well the 1st place crate will win a $300 Foot Locker gift card and special Crate of the Month tag to their Sneakerpedia crate page. Second and third place will each receive $200 and $100 gift cards, respectively.

The “Top 10 adidas” Crate of the Month kicks off today, October 17th, and will run until November 4th.

Visit to learn more about Crate of the Month details and rules. Good luck and we can’t wait to see the submissions and the entries for the theme of Top 10 adidas.

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