Crate of the Month: Winner August/Sept – Gearsolegoods

Congratulations – gearsolegoods

The August/September Crate of the Month competition could not have been closer, Sneakerholics. It went right down to the wire with our judges and the top three were separated by just a single point. Sneakerpedian gearsolegoods prevailed to see off the very strong competition and won himself the Nike 1992 Olympic Dream Team Destroyer, Foot Locker vouchers and an exclusive Sneakerholics t-shirt.

The full result is as follows:

1st Gearsolegoods

2nd Bradlay Law

3rd – Kvegas

Congratulations to all our winners, we will be in touch very soon for your details.

Here is the winning crate and what our judges had to say about all of the winners entries.

Winner – gearsolegoods

Morgan Keyz SBTV – “Love the use of Jordans but not your obvious recent releases, and love that he has vintage hard-to-find models”

Janane Boudili – “Your collection is so trendy with all those vintage sneakers ! That’s the reason why I love your crate so much – I definitely share your passion for vintage!”

Jaques Slade – “gearsolegoods has a great select of sneaker periods in this collection. The signed Air Jordan 7 and the Air Flight High make this collection stand out from the rest.”

2nd Place – Bradlay Law

MK – “Almost won it for me. The only finalist used the retro Infrared 90, which is a must have in every collection, however bait it is. Love the Miami AM1’s and the Pumps.”

JB – I’m so impressed with your “rainbow” collection full of colours! I bet you’re a fun collector! You’re having fun and that’s all that counts, you have a positive crate and I like this sneakers philosophy! I’m totally with you, thanks.”

JS – Surprisingly, Bradlay Law has one of only one to include the Roshe Run, which is clearly the shoe of the year. They are incredibly comfortable and they look fresh. Throw in the Pump and the Dave White 1’s and it is a wrap!

3rd Place – kvegas

MK – “Love the variation of brands and old shool styles in this collection”

JB – “I like your crate because it combines different styles and I love your Nike Air Force 1-1982 ! These sneakers are really amazing! And I miss the Filas 😦 They really look great !”

JS – “Great variety and his story shows that he has a true passion for sneakers. Not only does he have a great variety but he also has some truly vintage kicks in his collection that many people I know would love to have.”

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