Sneaker History: Vince Carter’s 2000 Olympic Dunk

Vince Carter dunk 2000 Olympics

On this day 12 years ago Vince Carter threw down one of the most memorable slam dunks in the history of the game. The year 2000 was a very memorable one for the NBA star. Showing that his Rookie of the Year award was no fluke, during his second season in the league, 1999-2000, Carter became the face of the Toronto Raptors by not only his play, but by being chosen for his first All-Star team and by winning the Slam Dunk Contest with arguably one of the best dunking performances ever. After the NBA season was over Carter was chosen to be part of Team USA in search for a third consecutive Olympic gold medal.

Nike Shox BB4 uploaded by AndrewK406Nike Shox BB4 uploaded by AndrewK406

September 25th, 2000 was the date that he solidified his international stardom. Team USA was playing France and leading by 15 points in the second half. Carter stole a pass in stride and made his way towards his basket. Standing between him and the basket was 7’2″ French center Frederic Weis. With his signature Nike Shox BB4 on his feet Carter lept over on Weis and threw it down with a thunderous right hand. Named internationally as “the dunk of death” aka “le dunk de la mort,” if you didn’t know about Vince Carter before that day, he certainly put the exclamation point on his dunking abilities right there.

Where does this dunk rank amongst the top in basketball history? Did anyone else purchase a pair of Shox BB4’s hoping to emulate Vinsanity’s one day?

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