Sneaker Showcase: In4mation x Etnies SAL 23

In4mation x Etnies SAL 23

Sal Barbier is one of the most well-known skateboarders from the Nineties. His style was unparalleled, both the way he skated and the way he dressed, with his signature fedora. However, it was one of the most iconic skate sneakers that will always be remembered by sneaker enthusiasts, a sneaker that Sal designed.

The Etnies SAL 23 released in 1994. Sal’s design was much different than many of the skate shoes from that time period. Barbier’s inspiration for creating the SAL 23 grew from his frustration with other designs at the time. Its simple and skate-friendly design quickly made it incredibly popular amongst skaters. Needless to say, it’s become a part of sneaker history and has been both copied, and re-released a number of times, including this special makeup with Hawaiian streetwear In4mation.

In4mation x Etnies SAL 23 uploaded by JK

In4mation x Etnies SAL 23 uploaded by JK

In4mation released two colorways of the Etnies SAL 23 in 2008, one in a black leather base with red accents and one in a red suede finish. Details included the iconic 23 on the heel and Sal Barbier’s logo, which features a wrench with Sal’s initials, SLB, wrapped with snake, on the insole of each colorway. The black model is on the wiki but we’re still in need of the second pair.

Let us know if you can help us out with an upload of these classic sneakers that pay tribute to a skateboarding legend.

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