Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

@r0binsc and @MollieAdamson

Kicking off this week’s newest Twitter Showcase is #sneakerholic @r0binsc and his girl showing that two pairs is better than one. Now in the heart of September the changing seasons and busy lives aren’t stopping #sneakerholics from bringing out great kicks all around the globe. Everyday we get to see special sneakers with great stories behind them. Always looking to kick the week off right go through all six pages to see a variety of sneakers and pictures. Included with each picture is a link to the Twitter pages of the #sneakerholics so that you can meet and follow fellow enthusiasts.

Don’t forget for a chance to make the next showcase to mention us on Twitter, @Sneakerpedia, and/or use the hashtag #sneakerholics. Each week randomly selected sneaker shots are featured so the more times you share the better your chance for making it in!

@hurricanetuck Texas

@KiNGHiZZY New York

@jeniferspence London

@KicksaddictNYJP Tokyo

@RegisFlyu Paris



@Kbreezy84 Australia


@y0ungL0s20 Miami

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