Sneaker Spotlight: Ugly Mely x Reebok

Long time Sneakerpedia contributor and ambassador Ugly Mely recently revealed the project she was invite to collaborate with Reebok on…

Last year, I was invited by REEBOK (as well as jewelry designer Melody Ehsani, singer Nneka, MTV journalistBoss Lady, and illustrator Polish Olka Osadzinska) to collaborate with them on their new MID Betwixt model. As ambassadors for the project, the idea was to rethink this model according to our desires and personnal and professional experiences . I immediately wanted the model to be like me and my bike as I ride it in my everyday life. I imagined my Reebok model with its same lightness, delicacy and simplicity. I took my leather bar tape, a strong but marked by purple color leather, so it gives it a feminine side. I also took the cream color of my bike and choose it for the Reebok bands framework, adding a snake skin effect. And here we are, the UGLYMELY (UMY) Reebok sneaker is ready !
The sneakers will be presented  this coming October (from 1st to 30th october) at the french GalleryL’imprimerie (rue St Merri, in Paris) and more it will be possible to win one via a facebook contest !!

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