Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase: Group Shots #5

@ukdeadstock and @KishKashOne

It’s been a while since the last group showcase but we figured now is as good a time as any to have another. To kick off the latest special showcase we have a little adidas and Nike love in the form of #sneakerholics @ukdeadstock and @KishKashOne. The special showcase is made up of two of more pairs of kicks of #sneakerholics not only enjoying their kicks but each other’s company. Some folks even make it in multiple times due to sharing a few different shots with different groups. Kick off the weekend with the new showcase that is full of group shots. Be sure to tweet us, @Sneakerpedia, and/or use the #sneakerholics tag to have a chance of making the regular showcase and the group one too.

@Bmore_JRoc and son Baltimore

@Rican101 and @lastchild87

@Deadstockkickz and family Atlanta


@Brotoya and dad

@KishKashOne and @dj_swerve

@ChileRipSet and wife

@Yegotjs and @DTown210_KOT


@UncleJ77 and daughter

@munkymuck @ramen73 @priculs @indosneakerteam

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