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To show just how serious we are about sneakers, Sneakerpedia has teamed up with sneaker obsessed ambassadors from around the world to share their sneaker stories, and give a unique insight into their own collections. Utilising their expert sneaker knowledge, ambassadors will also act as guest judges on the Sneakerpedia site picking a winning crate, every month. This month Sneakerpedia caught up with Augusts’ guest judge Morgan Keyz and the rest of the gang from SBTV to find out more about their obsession with sneakers…

Morgan Keyz

Do you remember the first pair of trainers you owned?

The earliest pair I remember was a pair of Nikes, they were all black and were either Air Max 90s or FCs but they were comfy! The first pair I remember actually going to the shop and buying was a pair of Reebok Classics.

Do you own a pair that you’ve never worn or save for a special occasion?

I’ve got a pair that I’ve never worn which are Air Max 90s and are a limited edition Dizzee Rascal collaboration with Nike. There are only about 90 to 100 pairs.

What are your flashiest looking sneakers?

I’ve got a pair of Huaraches which are bright yellow and turquoise so are quite flashy. They’ve got colours which you wouldn’t usually see together.

If you could design a pair, how would they look?

I proper want to design a pair of trainers! They would be Nike Huarache LEs and they wouldn’t be too crazy in terms of colours, they’d be pretty subtle but just different, something that I haven’t seen before and have something to do with my name in there.                                                                                                         

Have you ever brought a pair that you couldn’t afford but couldn’t resist?

My whole collection! I can’t justify buying the amount of trainers that I have.

How do you wear your laces?

I just tie them up about 4 holes high, quite loose and just one bow. Laces are so important and you can make really good trainers look rubbish by lacing them badly. It goes through phases as well; there was a time in high school when we did a bow and another bow on top. I’ve still got a pair laced up like that. There was also a phase where I used to do massive bows!

What are you most worn sneakers?

My most worn are my Air Max 90s Infrareds. I haven’t even brought them today because they’re too battered. I’ve got 3 pairs and they’re all as battered as each other! For me, they’re my favourite trainer and I can just wear them with anything, even though they’ve got bright colour they work with anything and are so comfortable!

Check out Morgan’s crate here

Liam Tootill

Do you remember the first pair of sneakers that you owned?

If I’m being honest, no. I did have a pair of those ones where you stood on them and they flashed.

Do you own a pair that you think are too nice to wear or that you save for a special occasion?

I’ve got a couple; the Adidas WE ARE LONDON pair because there are only 20 made and they were given to us off the back of the campaign we did. I also have a pair which were customised by I-D and I haven’t worn them either because I-D was a big part of me getting to where I am today. They’re jokes; Lacoste high-tops with crocodile skin!

 What are your flashiest looking sneakers?

Probably my first pair of Nike ID’s just because of the laces which are florescent yellow!

If you could design a pair, how would they look?                                   

I’m normally quite plain with my trainers so probably black with a nice bit of colour trim. I do have some colourful ones in the mix but I usually stick to quite a plain look.

How do you wear your laces?

I’m not really a ‘lacer.’ I sometimes wear a bow, sometimes tuck them in. It depends what trainer or it depends on how they’ve been set up. I’m not really one for fussing about, if they’re tied up I’ll slip them on or wear them quite loose and tuck the laces in. I don’t really have an industry standard.

What are your most worn sneakers?

My Black and White Nike Air Max’s. They are battered and about two years old but they’re the most comfy, casual jokes kind of trainer. In the tick there are little reflectors so in the dark they light up. It’s getting to the point where I probably should throw them out. When I was younger I used to wear Reebok workouts and classics a lot but I keep these boxed away at home now –  I keep them because they were a big part of my trainer heritage when I was 16 until about 18 and they were all I wore! I’ve also got a lot of Lacoste trainers that are quite a similar style – all low top.

Check out Liam’s crate here

Georgia LA


Do you remember the first pair of sneakers you owned?

The first pair of trainers that I actually cared about back in the day were Sketchers.  I also had a pair of TNs and I remember the whole thing of not letting anybody step on your TNs – oh god, cringe! I also remember saving up for ages to buy some Air Force One Valentines that had hearts on them.

Do you own a pair that you’ve never worn because you think they’re too nice?

The Adidas WE ARE LONDON ones which I’m never going to wear and I want to get them framed when I move into my new house- they are really special to me.

What are you flashiest looking pair?

I have a pair of white trainers with gold studs. They’re so battered but I had to bring them because they are so sentimental. I went through two pairs of them actually because I wore them pretty much all of last summer and I don’t have the heart to throw them away. I had a lot of good times in them. They’re actually boys trainers and I saw Dappy in them aswell!

If you could design a pair, how would they look?

I really like the Adidas ones I’m wearing now because they’re so comfy and have a zip at the end so you can keep your laces done up the whole time. I like plain ones that go with everything; I like grey ones so maybe grey with a little bit of pink? I also brought a pair of Denim Adidas that I want to put in the washing machine with a bit of bleach and put some studs on them.

 Have you ever brought a pair that you couldn’t afford but couldn’t resist?

Yeah definitely! Now, I’m lucky that I get given stuff but back in the day I had to be really selective about trainers, I had to choose the optimum pair; the ones that went with everything.

 How do you wear your laces?

I think it depends on the shoe. With the Adidas ones I have, I like to go a bow apart but there are some where I like to tuck the laces in.

What are your most worn sneakers?       

I think probably these Adidas ones I’m wearing now.  I only wear a few pairs of essential trainers on rotation because I like keeping my faves fresh!

Check out Georgia LA’s crate here

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