Sneaker Events: Dunkxchange Miami, Orlando & Arizona

Summer weather has seen some serious heat in our weekly Sneaker Showcase series but nothing beats getting out and meeting sneaker enthusiasts in person. For the #sneakerholics in the United States, Dunkxchxnge has a trio of events to keep you busy this weekend.

Satudrday, July 21st Miami will be the place to be as fans of the Miami Heat and LeBron James will see Dunkxchange arrive at Off Tha Hookah from 1pm to 6pm local time.

Sunday, July 22nd, Dunkxchange will be in two places at the same time, splitting duties with events in Orlando, Florida, and Tempe, Arizona. The Orlando event will run from 1pm to 6pm at The BBoy Spot. While the party in the desert will last a bit longer and run from 1pm to 7pm at Club Red in Tempe.

Will you be attending one of these events over the weekend?

One response to “Sneaker Events: Dunkxchange Miami, Orlando & Arizona

  1. I killed it… Vlog coming soon in the mean time check me out

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