Sneaker Showcase: PUMA French ’77 PT3 Collection

PUMA French 77 PT3 Collection

In 2006, PUMA conceived the PUMA Table Tennis Tournament, otherwise known as PT3, which brought together fans of the sport in New York City in 2007 along with a collection of PUMA sneakers and accessories.

Table tennis is one of those sports that is easy to get into on a casual level but at the same time, it has a very dedicated community of competitive players. With that in mind, PUMA brought together some of New York’s elite in 2007 for the PT3 event, which has continued to be a favorite event over the last five years for table tennis enthusiasts.

PUMA French '77 uploaded by @sneakercloset

PUMA French ’77 uploaded by @sneakercloset

The 2007 PUMA PT3 event was a special one for sneaker enthusiasts because it helped reintroduce the PUMA French ’77 silhouette. The French ’77 was done in premium white leather and then accented with a blue inner liner. The outer toe wrap and mudguard was then touched with blue and black to give it a clean and effective colorway. The PUMA PT3 Collection was completed with a collection of limited edition table tennis balls, paddles and another PUMA sneaker inspired by Argentinian table tennis player, Guillermo Vilas.

The Vilas inspired PUMAs (pictured below) are not yet on the wiki but we’d love to have them to complete the collection. Let us know if you can help with an upload or if you’ve ever attended the PUMA PT3 event over the years.

PUMA PT3 Collection

PUMA PT3 Collection

PUMA PT3 Collection

One response to “Sneaker Showcase: PUMA French ’77 PT3 Collection

  1. Had these. LOVED them! Wore the ass out of them : ( Bought some others!

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