Sneaker Showcase: PUMA Clyde Chase Pack

PUMA Clyde "Chase" Colorways

One of the most popular silhouettes in the PUMA catalog is the Clyde. Since it was introduced in 1973, it’s been a staple in the sneaker culture and to this day, it’s a sneaker that should be a part of almost any sneaker enthusiast’s collection. In 2005, PUMA released a trio of unique versions of the Clyde, often times referred to as the “Chase” or “Chase Pack.”

PUMA Clyde Chase NYC uploaded by pkballr

PUMA Clyde Chase NYC uploaded by Pkballr

The three colorways of the PUMA Clyde Chase included a navy blue colorway with off-white accents labeled as No.1, an off-white colorway accented with orange details (No. 2) and an orange colorway accented in navy blue (No. 3). Each colorway featured the number of the three on the heel. Each version of the Clyde was designated with a city name on the heel. The navy with off-white featured NYC on the heel, the off-white with orange read London, the orange with navy blue read Tokyo. The colorways designated three of the launch cities of this 2005 release but also represented the jersey colors worn by Walt “Clyde” Frazier. The details on these PUMA Clydes were the same as the originals Clyde wore on the basketball court, completely with gold embossing and leather lining. These limited editions also came with a certificate of authenticity, cleaning brush and cleaning instructions. 1 in every 25 pairs of the initial store releases also included an autographed picture of Walt Frazier, making them even more sought after.

We currently have the navy and off-white based colorways on the wiki but we are in need of the orange “Tokyo” version. Are you one of the lucky ones that has one of these limited to 1000 pairs each PUMA Clydes? If so, please help us out with an upload and let us know on Twitter.

*edit* #Sneakerholic @m8rty was able to help us and add the missing sneaker to the wiki!

PUMA Clyde Chase London uploaded by Pkballr

PUMA Clyde Chase London uploaded by Pkballr

PUMA Clyde Chase Tokyo uploaded by m8rtyPUMA Clyde Chase Tokyo uploaded by m8rty

One response to “Sneaker Showcase: PUMA Clyde Chase Pack

  1. Ooohh I remember my uncle had these boxed up..Nobody touch touch that!!! “The Clydes”

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