Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk High “MF Doom”

Sneakers and music, especially hip-hop, have had a long standing relationship. From rockers and their Chucks to RUN DMC in their adidas, to nowadays, relationships like Kanye West with Nike and Lil Wayne with Supra. In June of 2007 Nike SB released a special Dunk High Premium that was created in collaboration with artist MF Doom soon after the release of his album Mm.. Food.

Nike SB Dunk High "MF Doom" uploaded by HIS AIRNESS

Nike SB Dunk High “MF Doom” uploaded by HIS AIRNESS

Known for his signature mask and name that was inspired by comic book villain Doctor Doom, MF Doom’s look, rap styling and persona has created his own cult-like following. With that success, it comes as no surprise to see much of MF Doom integrated into the sneaker’s design. The overall design is a mixture of Black and Grey shades in a mixture of materials like nubuck, leather and ostrich. Other special material additions come in the form of 3M piping and a clear outsole that shows off artwork from Doom’s album Mm.. Food. Those weren’t all the Doom highlights, however. The metallic silver tongue featured his likeness on the tag, the Doom logo is featured on the strap, while metal “VLN” lace locks and special insoles also make this a seriously special make up. A set of bright red laces add the final touch to this Dunk High,and make it a must have for sneaker enthusiasts and MF Doom fans.

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