Sneaker Spotlight: Hadnet Tesfai

I’m a girl, so prejudice requires me to love shoes. In this case I happily live up to that expectation, so shoes and bags it is. I don’t discriminate against any kind of shoe. I’m very open in my collection, but when you ask me what I’m really passionate about when it comes to footwear I’d have to say, heels and sneaks. And since this is a community for sneakerheads I’ll concentrate on the latter, Sneakers!

I think these days there’s hardly any occasion where you can’t pull them off. I’ve worn them on red carpets, on TV and to dates. I wear them with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. As a matter of fact I’d say that’s my favorite look: a cute dress and sneakers – it’s like combining the best of both worlds. When I was a teenager I was your typical tomboy: sneakers and baggy pants, the whole girly concept just seemed odd to me. I was all about sports and reading, so maybe me wearing sneakers whenever I can is a leftover of my nerdy past. Like an expression of my inner teenie tomboy. Maybe. But luckily today you can definitely call the sneakers-look sexy because it’s seems so effortless. As a girl sneakers add that instant cool. No matter how skanky your dress is sneakers will make you look like you’re not even trying which makes the whole thing even hotter, no? Well at least that’s what I tell myself when I step out in Air Max and the short shorts. After all I think “Where’d you get those?” is one of the better pick up lines and striking up a conversation over Blazers, Dunks and Jordans feels more comfortable than talking about the killer heels you’re wearing (fetish-alert… creepy!).

And at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about: being able to relate to someone over a simple thing like a shoe. In this case it becomes more than just a fashion item, it’s part of a culture that is part of myself. I grew up on late 80s and 90s rap music, when sneakers left the sports sphere and became the basis for a certain look that identified you as a member and fan of hip hop culture. Salt’n’Pepa were the coolest and baddest chicks out there because they were sassy, cool and sexy wearing sneakers. When “Do the Right Thing” by Spike Lee came out in 1989 I was too young to fully understand it, but I got the fact that something important was happening culturally. Public Enemy were on the Soundtrack and “Fight the Power” was so powerful, that again, I didn’t know what exactly was going on, but I knew it was really large. There is a famous scene in that film, involving a shoe. It was the Jordan IV. I really wanted to have that shoe, but it was waaay too expensive. When it was re-released earlier this year I was the first to get.

What I’m trying to say is this: The music, the look, the attitude. Hip hop has been one of the most influential powers in my life. So to me, truly understanding my weakness for sneakers means understanding what makes me. And how could I not like you if you understand who I am?

You can check out my collection on Sneakerpedia here

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