Sneaker Events: Sneakerness Zurich, Dunkxchange

Sneakerness Zurich

This weekend sneaker events are going to be happening all around the globe. The first show will be Sneakerness set to be held in Zurich, Switzerland. The first Sneakerness of 2012 will be an event where the premise is to be able to buy, sell and trade with other #sneakerholics. But that is not all as there will be plenty of other features at the event. First off Sneakerpedia will be there with our own living room setup to check out. Along with us there will be exhibitions by others like Mini, SUPER and more along with contests like the lace race. Along with the afterparty be sure to not miss the event.

Dunkxchange Seattle

On the same day across the globe Dunkxchange is visiting the Pacific Northwest in the USA. One of the most premier sneaker events that travels across the US, Dunkxchange hits Seattle. Buy, sell and trade with #sneakerholics close to headquarters of many sneaker companies. Expect to see plenty of rare and exclusive kicks at the event. On the next day, Sunday June 17th, Dunkxchange will be heading Southward to visit Portland for the event. This event will have the usual atmosphere but add in the Pensole Footwear Design Academy along with art exhibits by Nike designers. One not to be missed if you are in the area be sure to hang out with other #sneakerholics and immerse yourself in the culture.

Dunkxchange Portland

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