Sneaker Spotlight: Vans SK8-Hi “Hosoi”

Vans SK8-HI "Hosoi"

Christian Hosoi is an American skateboarder who rose to fame starting in the 80’s but was successful for years beyond that decade. Hosoi was a top competitor as well as rival for such famous skaters like Steve Caballero and Tony Hawk. Starting off as a vert skater, Hosoi’s talents allowed him to transition and shift successfully towards street skating. He was able to help pioneer the popularity of skateboarding into mainstream and was successful in businesses involving the sport. His aerial tricks, flair and personality helped make him a fan favorite, and even with run-ins with the law, Hosoi was strongly supported by the skateboarding community. In 2006, a documentary film named Rising Son – The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi was released. The film detailed his success, drug issues, incarceration and conversion to Christianity. That same year Vans released a special “Hosoi” version of the classic Vans SK8-Hi.

Vans SK8-HI Hosoi uploaded by hideo21

Vans SK8-HI Hosoi uploaded by hideo21

Although Vans wasn’t the first sneaker Christian Hosoi wore, his designs are some of the most memorable in the past few years. The SK8-Hi was created using a familiar build of suede and canvas but with upgraded footbed for more comfortable skating. The most striking feature of the design is the red and white “Rising Sun” motif featured on the side panel and tongue. A look that now goes hand in hand with Hosoi, the sneaker was a popular release as well as the matching graphics that made their way onto apparel and skate decks. Vans and Hosoi have teamed up for a few other sneakers since ’06 but nothing will beat the originals.

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