Sneaker Spotlight: Air Jordan 5 “Laney”

Air Jordan 5 "Laney"

It was a particularly grueling tryout for the young Michael Jordan. We imagine that he had given his all in the three-man weave, lay-up lines, and free throw shooting. It was his first tryout. The graceful moves and effortless flight for which he would become known later in his life hadn’t developed yet, but we tell ourselves the same passion lived within his young eyes. Unfortunately, this particular tryout didn’t end up the way he would have hoped. Instead, the player that would go on to be the greatest player to ever play the game, was cut from the team. Maybe this is what drove him to be the best. Maybe it was this moment that changed everything. Maybe…just maybe, Laney High is the reason we have Michael Jordan.

Air Jordan 5 "Laney" uploaded by Evanga

Air Jordan 5 “Laney” uploaded by Evanga

With so much history behind him, Jordan Brand found it appropriate to capture the high school years of Jordan’s life with a special “Laney” version of the Air Jordan 5. Why the “5” you ask? Well we may not know the exact reason for it, but we can only assume it has to do with Mike winning his 4th scoring title or the fact that he took out some frustration on the Cleveland Cavaliers and scored 69 points. Either way, the Air Jordan 5 “Laney” came along at just the right time in the sneaker world. It was one of the first groups of non-original colorways in the early 2000s that ushered in the era in which we see all sorts of colors on the original 14.

 Air Jordan 5 "Laney" Rear

Basking in the colors of his high school, the Air Jordan 5 “Laney” is officially color coded as White/Varsity Maize-Varsity Royal-Black. The upper is mostly white with the varsity maize and varsity royal providing the accents. One of the most interesting details about the shoe is the use of black on the liner that helps to pull out the Jumpman logo on the heel. With a rumored new release of the shoe in the fall/winter of 2013, it looks like #sneakerholics will once again be able to get their hands on a historic shoe that brings us a small, but vital, piece of Jordan’s history as a player.

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