Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase: Group Shots #4


It’s been a while but we have a the next edition of the special Group Sneaker Showcase featured here. Accumulated over the past few months are sneaker shots submitted to us featuring more then one pair of feet rocking hot sneakers. We get a special look at #sneakerholics with their friends and family. One of the best things about sneaker culture is the social aspect of it all. The love for all thing sneakers transcends race, sex, age, all you need is passion. Check out the newest special showcase that features at least 2 pairs of sneakers in each shot. Be sure to keep sending in pictures of what you and others are rocking to make any of our Showcases.

@theedaveygravey Ohio

@thatdude_TR and @Tyzmc and @HjFadeAway2340

@theedaveygravey Ohio


@CamFournier and friends

@GRINCHO484 and family


@UncleJ77 and daughter

@HOU__MEX and friends

@DanteTuregano and wife

@HjFadeAway2340 and @ThatDude_tr


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