Sneaker Spotlight: Liisa Sarfati Cosmopolitan Editor

My name is Liisa Sarfati and I’m a designer with French and Finnish origins. I have collaborated with numerous magazines for more than 10 years.

I inject famous French magazines like ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN and L’EQUIPE Féminine with my street leanings in an eclectic, bubbly style. 

In perpetual motion, I make a point of working in several lines of business, as an image consultant for artists on the music scene (Diam’s, M. Pokora, Martin Solveig to name but a few) and recently acted as Art Director for the Jean-Louis Scherrer brand.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about sneakers. Make no mistake though, I don’t see them as a sports accessory, no! Well, not exactly. More as a design object, almost a work of art! With their shape, their colours, sneakers reflect a period, an era, but even more so, they reflect the whim of the moment! I choose a pair because it draws me in, calling to me from behind the shop window, irrespective of what’s fashionable or trendy.

There are those that I buy that bring out the fetishist in me; I open the box, I hold the sneakers up, I look at them… and sometimes (if not to say often) there are those that I almost wear down to the sole. It must be said that I can walk… for miles! All the time! So heels definitely aren’t for me! I’ll leave Christian, Jimmy and Sergio to the others…

And what about you? What sneakers addict are you?

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