Sneaker Spotlight: Janane Boudili

Introducing our latest featured contributor Janane Boudili, She is 27,  a comedian and a TV presenter.

I’ve been working on TV show “Comment Ca Va Bien” as a commentator on French TV Channel France 2 for 2 years. This TV show is a global lifestyle magazine, broadcast on a daily basis. It deals with lifestyle tips and news that the team members test every day for the public and introduce on stage.

Within the TV show, I am specifically in charge of introducing the latest Beauty news and fashion trends.

I grew up in a suburb close to Paris where I was used to be the funny character among my friends and family! This explains why I decided to start playing the comedy at the age of 10. I learnt the art of improvisation with famous French comedian Jamel Debbouze (I was in the same school as him) and it was at that time that I realized I really wanted to be an artist and work in the TV industry. I then decided to participate to castings and got my first job as a TV presenter for a street-culture oriented program.

More than just comedy, I love art in general, and am really fond of dancing: classic and salsa. I’ve also acquired a strong sense of fashion throughout my studies at the fashion school of Montreal – Canada where my passion for collecting sneakers get stronger and stronger!

My Sneakers Life

When I was little, my mother used to dress me in princess dresses and woollen tights and put my hair up in a ballerina’s bun. This went on until I was eight years old!

That’s when “My sneakers life” started. One day in 1993, I came across a hip-hop video. The name of the artist passed me by, as I was only struck by one thing: what he had on his feet as he was leaping and dancing about. Sneakers!

It was love at first sight; I felt quite weak at the knees. I wanted to dance just like him. After much pleading with my mother, I was given a pair of converse sneakers. My love affair had begun.

It was just the start of my addiction.

I discovered Nike Air and Dunk, and tracked their every move! Without even realising it, I began to accumulate more and more pairs, collecting them like many of you do.

Sneakers are my way of being myself, right down to my toes. The more original styles are great for expressing my personality.

The expression “feel good in your sneakers” was never more apt!

You can be stylish and comfortable at the same time, without breaking the bank. For me, sneakers will always convey the vibe of the decade I grew up in: the 90s!

And that’s My Sneakers Life on SNEAKERPEDIA.

Why don’t you get your sneakers out and share your story too!

3 responses to “Sneaker Spotlight: Janane Boudili

  1. i love this girl , I always watch her on the French tv.
    She’s look like a model , beautiful picture!

    We love nike ….

  2. I love Janane on Comment Ça Va Bien! I didn’t know she lived in Montreal, I lived there for over two years and loved it! I love the styling on these pictures they are really fun! I was trying to choose just one, but I just love them all!

  3. Au top du top.
    Tout est là !! Le style, l’allure, le charme.
    Tes photos transpirent le professionnalisme et la bonne humeur, elles sont vraiment très belles.

    Pour conclure : T’as le Look Coco(tte) !

    ^_^ Take care

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