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Sneaker Events: Dunkxchange Washington D.C. and Sneaker Con NYC

Dunkxchange Washington D.C.

Another summer weekend and another set of sneaker events to attend. This Saturday, June 30th Dunkxchange will be hitting the capital of the US of A, Washington D.C. Always a popular event, meet up with #sneakerholics to buy, sell and trade sneakers. Along with footwear there will be art, music, fashion and more thrown into the mix to ensure you stay busy the entire time.

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Sneaker Spotlight: Rockwell x Alife x Patta Everybody Mid “Rap”

Rockwell x Alife x Patta Everybody Mid "Rap"

In 2008, three sneaker culture heavyweights in their own rights, came together for a special collaboration. Nicknamed “Rap” premier boutique/brand Alife’s Everbody Mid was the model of choice tweaked and remixed by the folks at Patta and Rockwell. The nickname of the shoe actually comes from the acronym of the brands names rather than an actual rap, although something special was created for the sneaker as seen below.

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Sneakerpedia: Crate of the Month Last Chance

Final Reminder to the Sneakerholics to enter our Crate of the Month competition.

Entries close for this month on Saturday June 3oth!!!

If you need reminding of the amazing prizes on offer check out the summary below, and yes that is a pair of Galaxy Foamposites for 1st place! We want your entries! Got to make the judges sweat and give them the hardest decision in Sneakers to make.

Good luck Sneakerholics!

Sneaker Spotlight: HypesRus – Chris Goertz

This week we bring you Chris Goertz of German blog HypesRus check out what he has to say below…

120 pairs of shoes and no end in sight…

It all began with my parents who bought me cool shoes and sneakers all the time. Even when I was a little kid I already had the chance to choose from nice sneakers and shoes from time to time. Back then I liked colorful shoes and often decided to pick the ones nobody else would like to wear. Just because nobody else wanted them. I was some kind of a „trendsetter“ back then and had my own style. I loved being different. I never liked football or other things kids in this age liked in the early and mid 80s.

(Our German speaking Sneakerholics can find this article in German after the English version)

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Sneaker Showcase: Happy Birthday Dikembe Mutombo

adidas House of Mutombo advertisement courtesy of Mis ZapasWhen it comes to sneakers, more often than not, it’s a player’s offensive ability that earns him the coveted signature sneaker line. However, one of the exceptions to that is none other than legendary shot-blocker Dikembe Mutombo. Continue reading