Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

@KhalidM88 Washington D.C.

The last week was not only a big one for Sneakerpedia, thanks to Crate of the Month, but sneaker releases as well. Loads of sneakers were released with the Reebok Question being on of the most popular. So when #sneakerholic @KhalidM88‘s picture was randomly chosen for the Twitter Showcase the decision to make it the lead picture was a no-brainer. Now that the Showcase is into it’s second year every week we see more and more entries. More entries means it’s harder to make it in but also means more variety, brands, models and users. Check out this week’s showcase and let us know who’s sneaker shots are your favorite from the 6 jam-packed pages. Then be sure to show us your shots by tweeting us direct or using the @sneakerholics hashtag to have a chance to make it into the next Showcase.




@ABR_GTNCEKIKS23 Los Angeles






@tompeters1 London


One response to “Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

  1. Those gamma radiation kicks look ridiculous! Those paired with the gold drip backpack from sprayground would look sick! Check out the continually growing collection on and check out our Instagram and Twitter @sprayground

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