Sneaker Spotlight: Darren Bent

We are excited to reveal our newest Sneakerpedia Ambassador Darren Bent.

Darren Bent has firmly established himself as one of the English Premier League’s most prolific strikers and throughout his career, his attitude and excellent goal-scoring record has continued to impress. Aside from being one of the regular and top strikers on England’s national team, Darren Bent is currently at Premier League team Aston Villa. In January 2012 Bent joined an elite club by becoming only the 21st person to score 100 Premier League Goals. To date Darren has won 13 caps for England, scoring four goals. Outside of football Darren’s main interests include basketball, Xbox and serious love of fashion. We caught up with him a couple of weeks ago and had this to say about his love of Sneakers.

“The first pair of sneakers that captured my imagination and I can recall being excited about were some LA Gear Lights, you know the ones that lit up when you walked! I must have been 6 or 7 and my birthday was coming up and I pestered my parents for weeks that I had to have them. When I got them they never left my feet I must have worn those things to death.  I’ve been a big fan of basketball for as long as I can remember and naturally Michael Jordan was and is a massive hero of mine, and you can’t think of Jordan without thinking of the amazing shoes he took to the court with. I’ll never forget getting Jordan’s as a kid, lacing up the same shoes as your hero is pretty cool.

The numbers of sneakers I had didn’t really start to grow in big numbers until about 2003/4. What kicked it off was everyone seemed to be going crazy for Air Force 1’s trying to get hold of them then wasn’t as straight forward as it is now. It started with white on whites of course and built from there. I always used to see new colourways on music vids and I just had to get my hands on them. Luckily I had some contacts and soon enough the numbers swelled. I was strictly Air Force 1s for ages and then a good friend of mine (who also collects) started opening my eyes to other models and types, limited editions and collaborations from there my collection and tastes have diversified and numbers have gotten out of control it seems. I love all the different types, the colourways and mix of materials.

When I started my relationship with Umbro a few years ago they were aware of my passion for sneakers and embraced it. They got me some of their Kim Jones for Umbro sneakers, something I was not previously aware of but I love them, nice simple models with a real premium feel.  Wish I could get more of them. Having said that I’m a big fan of what they are currently doing with the Terrace, Terrace plus and Spinningfield boot, I love those shoes! I always look forward to what they have coming next for me both with and without studs haha.

I have a few pieces in the collection of note that I’m really fortunate to have. The Air Yeezy’s, I have all three colourways. Kanye is an icon! as soon as I saw the shoe I had to get them I love what he did with the design, the materials he used are very premium and the attention to detail is superb, I think the Black Pink are my favourite colourway. I’m really looking forward to adding the Yeezy 2 to the collection when it drops. My Entourage Air Force 1’s I was buzzing to get my hands on those, a very rare shoe that I managed to pick up in LA on holiday a couple of years ago. I was a big fan of the TV series so had to have them, shout out to Turtle!

I’ve got to end with the Air MAG from Back to the Future. I was lucky enough to win one of the auctioned pairs. It’s one of the most famous and ultimate sneakers for any collector. I’m so lucky to have gotten a pair, the whole package is sick, and delighted it supported such a great cause.”

Darren will be one of our guest judges for our new Crate of the Month competition and you can also find some of his collection up on the wiki already. Check it out here

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