Sneaker Events: Sneaker Con Chicago and DunkXChange Miami and New York

Sneaker Con Chicago

Warmer temperatures means getting out of hibernation mode and going out. Warmer weather also means less hazardous conditions for sneaker to get ruined and more sneaker events. This weekend there is a number of events going on for #sneakerholics in a variety of cities. First off is Sneaker Con being held in the Windy City, Chicago. Although the Bulls are no longer in the Playoffs, their resurgence with Derrick Rose and the long history of Michael Jordan has always ensured Chicago is a area full of sneaker enthusiasts. Buy, sell and trade at the event as it makes it’s first trip to Chicago. Sneaker Con Chicago Rear

Along with Sneaker Con, Saturday marks a visit from DunkXChange to South Beach. Miami is a little worried about the Heat being down 2-1 to the Indiana Pacers in the Playoffs but that won’t stop the “heat” from showing up to the event.

DunkXChange Miami

Sunday, May 20th DunkXChange will be held in the city that never sleeps and a #sneakerholic haven, New York City. Will you be making it out to any sneaker events this weekend?

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