We’re about to make some changes!

This is just a heads up for all our Sneakerholics to let you know about a few changes we are going to be making to Sneakerpedia tomorrow to make it even better! Some of you will experience a few hours downtime to SP as it will be offline while we apply these changes.  In fact, we’ve already made some tweaks!

Missing Sneakers

Some of you may have noticed – we notified our Twitter followers of the change to our ‘missing sneakers’ page already – but this will tell you exactly what the purpose of it is.

Firstly, it’s not a call-out from us to ask you for shoes we’d like to see on the archive. We’re sure you have all noticed the empty or ‘missing’ boxes scattered throughout the homepage. These missing boxes occur when a user hasn’t uploaded or set their default image correctly, but still created a sneaker page. Did you know that by opening one of these pages, any user is able to set the default image (if there is one uploaded) and fix the entry? This will clear out the ‘missing’ boxes. We would appreciate any help you can give us! All missing sneakers can be found in one place via the now functional ‘missing’ tab located on the main navigation bar.

And now to changes that will be made while the site is down for a few hours tomorrow:

Sneaker Pages

The main adjustment that will be made to the sneaker page is the detail behind who has created the page and who has contributed to the page. The user who physically uploads the sneaker will be displayed with a large profile pic as the ‘creator’. Any subsequent user that edits the page with further details, history or pictures will be displayed with a smaller profile pic and listed as a ‘contributor’. We hope this will improve the clarity and quality of each sneaker page – we want to ensure the users creating and uploading are represented fairly.

Data Cleansing

These are not two words everyone enjoys reading, but like any good organisation it’s necessary to do a bit of housekeeping here and there. We are doing our bit of tidying up with brands, models, types and materials – they will appear more comprehensive. Anything that doesn’t appear on those lists while uploading, you’ll still be able to submit. The SP team will vet the entry for approval and add to the lists if required.

Upload Process

We’re excited to reveal this one to you. This is probably the biggest fundamental change we are going to make, so that processing is better and easier to complete. The new process will take place on just one page – no more navigating through pages before completing your uploads.


This is our favourite tweak. We have changed the browse functionality; you can now sort by most recent, most loved and most owned, and yes, it goes beyond the first one! It’s great to see what follows the long-standing most loved and most owned sneakers! With the data cleansing we’re doing, the sort menu’s brand, type, material and colour are a lot easier to use to help you find the sneaker you are looking for. We’ll also add an alternative view that expands the standard view to include brand and model name. For browsing users we’ll include first and last joined filter, as well as an alphabetical sort.

We hope the updates will be useful to you and make the experience of using Sneakerpedia better. If you have any questions or feedback, then please feel free to contact us via the feedback tool situated in the top right corner. 

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