Sneaker Events: Sneaker Palooza Vol. 3 and Solemart Paris

Sneaker Palooza Vol 3

This weekend sneaker events are going global with a major event in San Antonio, Texas and another in Paris. First up on Saturday, March 10th Sneaker Palooza Vol. 3 will be held. Not only is it a place to showcase your sneakers to sell, trade and buy, but it is a whole experience. Along with a hip-hop inspired fashion show a huge lineup of musical acts will be performing. #Sneakerholics like Pusha T, Asher Roth and more will be performing at the event. You can purchase tickets on site at San Antonio Shriner Auditorium or purchase a pre-sale on

Solemart Paris

For those lucky #sneakerholics in Paris it’s time once again for Solemart. This year’s event is timed in conjunction with premier boutique colette’s 15th anniversary festivities with colette Carnaval. This year’s event was organized by the folks at La MJC and Solebox and as always will be an environment for everyone. You will be able to buy, sell, trade or just admire the sneaker stacks of enthusiasts. Be prepared to see new, old, deadstock, vintage, classic, you name it and they will probably be there. To top it all off, the two day event will have free admission. So, no reasons not to stop by, if you are in the neighborhood, you won’t want to miss it.

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