Sneaker Spotlight: Solebox x Reebok ERS 2000

Solebox x Reebok ERS 2000 Solebox is currently making noise in the sneaker world thanks to their upcoming collaboration with Reebok on another incarnation of the Omni Zone Pump. However, did you know that the first collaboration between the Berlin shop and Reebok was back in 2009? It was back then that they teamed up to work on the ERS 2000 sneaker that changed the way we smelled sneakers.

Solebox x Reebok ERS 2000 uploaded by WildsauSolebox x Reebok ERS 2000 uploaded by Wildsau

Being sneaker fanatics and having their own shop, the folks at Solebox knew that taking a whiff of your footwear was something #sneakerholics did with a new pair. They figured that adding the scent of orange to the inside was much more satisfying aroma than the smell of glue and materials. Also, this unique idea would help your feet smell nice after wearing the sneakers. The orange scent also lead to the highlights using the same color/smell added to the design, along with glitter and 3M bits. Grey suede and mesh take up most of the uppers but the orange bits were the star. In each pair, not only were there three sets of laces to choose from but a “Magic Tree” Solebox air freshener as well.

Solebox x Reebok ERS 2000 Car FreshnerSolebox x Reebok ERS 2000 Car Freshner

Seeing how their partnership started it’s no surprise to see how the two brands continue to experiment with design on their latest collaborative works.

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