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Sneaker Spotlight: Solebox x Reebok ERS 2000

Solebox x Reebok ERS 2000 Solebox is currently making noise in the sneaker world thanks to their upcoming collaboration with Reebok on another incarnation of the Omni Zone Pump. However, did you know that the first collaboration between the Berlin shop and Reebok was back in 2009? It was back then that they teamed up to work on the ERS 2000 sneaker that changed the way we smelled sneakers. Continue reading

Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase


With the NBA All-Star game being played yesterday, a whole slew of sneakers were released over the past few days many with the festivities as the thme. So there have been lots of new, and some old, sneakers being worn throughout the week. New pickups not only showed up on the wiki, but we saw plenty of pictures show up in our Twitter feed as well. This week’s Twitter Showcase shows off sneakers from all around and as always has plenty of gems. Be sure to take a look at all 6 pages and let us know who’s sneaker shots are your favorites.

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Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Max 95 Z

Nike Air Max 95 Z Zip Metallic GoldIn 2001 the designers at Nike decided to do what many would consider the unthinkable, change the design of one of the most popular sneakers of all time, the Nike Air Max 95. They had already found some success with the Lux Pack Air Max 95 by the time this unique design released.

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Sneaker Showcase: A.R.C. x New Balance 1300 Collection

A.R.C. x New Balance 1300 Collection

In 2009 premium New York boutique A.R.C., aka Alife Rivington Club, teamed up with New Balance for the first time. This being the first collab between the two is somewhat of a surprise because A.R.C. has been a supporter and retailer for the brand for quite some time. However, the resulting sneakers were worth the wait. Set to release in conjunction with the opening of the new A.R.C. store in Manhattan, the sneakers sold through very quickly for their smooth palette and premium build. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Pigeon”

Reed Space Pigeon T-Shirt

The Nike Dunk was a popular sneaker long before 2005 but the mid-2000’s was probably the peak of its popularity due to being an integral part of the Nike SB catalog. The Dunk craze was already on full tilt in some areas of the world but on February 22nd, 2005, thanks in part to a special limited pair with a “Pigeon” embroidered onto it’s heel, the worldwide sneaker culture was forever changed. Continue reading