Sneaker Spotlight: Visvim FBT Bison

In the mid-2000’s, the sneaker community seemed to hit a dull spot when it came to creativity. Not to say there were not plenty of creative designs being put out by the brands, there definitely were. However, a lot of the new creations were just reworked colorways of models that we all had in the closet. For some sneaker enthusiasts, this was when the search for unique designs began to really become about putting in the work to locate those rare kicks.

Visvim FBT Bison uploaded by Neilo.Visvim FBT Bison uploaded by NEILO.

In 2004, Japanese brands like Visvim began to fill that void for #sneakerholics looking for something a little outside of the box. One of the styles that stood out from the rest was a January 2004 release, the Bison version of the Visvim FBT. This colorway from the wiki originally started appearing on the internet in 2004 and was met with some really mixed reviews. For one, there wasn’t much in the form of sneaker blogs back then, with a few exceptions. Secondly, even the message forums were often specifically catering to the major brands. This meant that when the wild print and unique silhouette began showing up, it was instantly a love it or hate it style for most.

The premium price of the Visvim line keeps many sneaker enthusiasts away from the designs but the high quality and attention to detail is arguably one of the best available. The Visvim FBT Bison has released a number of times since then in both the black shown here, and the beige colorway. To some, it’s at the top of the wish list but to others, it’s an easy pass. Where does it stand for you?

If you’re one of the #sneakerholics that has a pair of the off-white/beige versions of the Visvim FBT Bison, we’d love to have it uploaded on the wiki! Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter if you can help us out!

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