Sneaker Spotlight: Pony Celebrates 40 Years

Spud Webb in the Slam Dunk Contest wearing Pony City Wings

In 1972, Roberto Muelller founded Pony and thanks to their technological innovation they became a popular choice for professional athletes. Shoes like the Pony Shooter and Top Star were some of the first designs Pony released during the 1970s and could be seen on the feet of NBA players during that time. During the 1980s with the help of celebrity endorsements Pony began producing a wide range of shoes for a variety of sports including football and tennis, while their popularity on the basketball court hit an all-time high thanks to Spud Webb winning the Dunk Contest while wearing Pony City Wings in 1986.

Pony City Wings uploaded by maximilien n'tary-calaffardPony City Wings uploaded by maximilien n’tary-calaffard

During the 1980s Pony shoes became one of the most sought-after brands for performance footwear. The company’s tennis models included silhouettes like the mid-cut Approach, Forest Hills, the Velcro strap Two Sets model, and a signature model for women’s tennis star Tracy Austin named the Centre Court. On the football field, the Linebacker was easily recognizable on the feet of the NFL’s stars thanks to the many team colorways that were produced. Pony also began producing running shoes in the early 1980s and used technology to help them stay ahead of the pace. Pony running shoes featured a unique patented Flexrite Bar Sole that offered ahead of its time cushioning and flexibility.

Pony Top Star uploaded by Jay BKRW SmithPony Top Star uploaded by Jay BKRW Smith

Pony Uptown Darryl Dawkins Chocolate Thunder uploaded by Pony Uptown Darryl Dawkins  uploaded by maximilien n’tary-calaffard

Despite the wide variety of models Pony produced in the 1980s, sneaker enthusiasts have continued to collect Pony basketball shoes. The aforementioned City Wings silhouette was just one of the popular models that came in both high-top and low-top versions. The Pony Uptown was one of the first basketball shoes released with a primarily mesh upper. The low-top version of the Uptown, called the Midtown, returned as a retro around 2004 with the Uptown in a variety of colorways and brought back memories for many #sneakerholics who watched players like Darryl Dawkins and Spud Webb make history wearing Pony basketball shoes.

In recent years, Pony has ventured into new areas of footwear by partnering with lifestyle brands like Neff and entertainers like Snoop Dogg. With this being their 40th year, we look forward to seeing what the future brings for Pony, and we’re looking to find some of those vintage styles like the Uptown, Linebacker, and Centre Court to fill the Sneakerpedia wiki with the iconic shoes of this timeless brand.

Pony x Neff collab shoe uploaded by missdiPony x Neff collab uploaded by missdi

Pony Collegiate uploaded by Mourad Street Rules !!!Pony Collegiate uploaded my Mourad Street Rules !!!

Snoop Dogg x Pony Doggy Biscuitz uploaded by ChuckVansSnoop Dogg x Pony Doggy Biscuitz uploaded by ChuckVans

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