Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Lux Pack

Nike Air Max 95 LUX Pack uploaded by Jonathan MannionNike Air Max 95 Lux “Made in Italy” uploaded by Jonathan Mannion

Made in Italy has always been a statement that represents quality. So ten years ago when Nike worked up the first “Lux Pack” in 2001, if you had a chance to get the Air Max 95, Air Force 1, or SC Trainer, you didn’t pass it up. The premium leather material and the unique hangtag shaped as Italy were just a couple of the details that make these head-turners even to this day.

For some it might seem hard to believe tat it’s been ten years since the first Lux Pack released, but the December 2001 release of the Nike Lux Pack was the beginning of whole new part of the sneaker culture. Although there had been plenty of premium and limited edition releases before the Lux Pack, and of course the original Jordan II was also made in Italy, but this marked a turning point in the culture in many ways. Nike has continued to unveil “Lux” releases over the years ever since, though not all have carried the prestigious “Made In Italy” quality, a small few have still been made in Italy and feature the luxurious leather that helped make the first release popular. The 2010 Lux release, which included a nice colorway of the Air Max 97 was one of the most recent Italian made Nike releases.

On the wiki we have the 2001 release of the Air Max 95 and the 2004 release of the Air Force 1 but we’re still in need of the Nike Air Trainer SC Lux version. Any #sneakerholics out there that can help us out with an upload? If so, be sure to let us know here in the comments or on Twitter.

Nike Air Max 95 LUX Pack uploaded by Jonathan Mannion

Nike LUX Pack from 2001

4 responses to “Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Lux Pack

  1. I have the white/white lows, I’ll try to get them uploaded for you

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  4. I have the original Nike Lux Air Force 1 from 2001. The leather is definitely better than the remakes. You can tell just by looking at them. They are extremely hard to find in New condition. What is even more amazing is that the date under the tongue says September 11, 2001.

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