Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Pegasus 89 Berlin

Nike AIr Pegasus '89 Berlin

Nike AIr Pegasus '89 Berlin

1989 was an unforgettable year for many. For sneaker enthusiasts and basketball fans, Michael Jordan hits “The Shot” to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference First Round and push the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals where they lost to eventual champions the Detroit Pistons. For baseball fans, the Oakland Athletics beat the San Francisco Giants in the World Series after having a earthquake occur before the start of game 3 delaying the “Battle of the Bay” series by 2 weeks. In more worldly news than sports, ’89 was the year that the Berlin Wall fell between East and West Germany. A symbol that marked the end of the Cold War for many, images of the two sides celebrating and coming together filled the news, magazines and newspapers around the world.

Nike Air Pegasus '89 "Berlin" uploaded by Nvrenauf

Nike Air Pegasus '89 "Berlin" uploaded by Nvrenauf

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall Nike created a special sneaker. Appropriately they decided on the Air Pegasus ’89 as the model of choice.  Featuring a Grey and Purple scheme, the special shoe was highly sought after for both its looks and the memories in which it paid tribute to. Featuring details such as a speckled swoosh, dubray, contrast stitching and rear heel that read “BERLIN 89.” Only 510 pairs of the special Pegasus were created and sold at select Nike accounts. Are you one of the lucky ones who has a pair in their collection?

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