Sneaker Spotlight: Sneakerpedia x Nike iD

The Nike iD program has been on-point for a while now with a changing roster of classic silhouettes, available to let loose on with your own interpretation of an all-time design neck-breaker.

From the the Air Force 1 to the highlights of the Air Max range and a whole lot of products in between, the iD program has been a boon for the #sneakerholic looking to impart their own design sensibilities on iconic models from the Nike archive. The current Nike 180 available has mouths who remember the original shoe salivating at the chance to bring this back in their own craven image as it were.

Sneakerpedia has big love for a range of brands, technologies and silhouettes. But mention the Nike Air Max 1 or the Air Max 90 and a few eyes are bound to get a bit misty. Time-wise it was the sneaker that changed everything and had big impact at the time it first dropped.

Add in the recent technological advance of Hyperfuse, which has seen some striking results already, and you have a shoe that sneakerheads truly care about.

A tribute to Sneakerpedia was made at the Nike iD studio in London recently, working with its site colours as a basis for the design on the Hyperfuse AM1 and accompanying AM90 silhouettes.

A Nike Design Consultant made sure the balance was right and within a few weeks, the results arrived, revealing two stunning executions resplendent with the Sneakerpedia colours and branding.

2 responses to “Sneaker Spotlight: Sneakerpedia x Nike iD

  1. That’s pretty boring :/

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