Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

The past week Fall really hit many sneakerholics around the globe as we saw more Fall and Winter apparel being worn. That didn’t stop the heat from being worn like the huge amounts of Air Jordan XI (11)’s being worn on November 11th (11/11/11). The newest showcases once again is made up of a variety of makes, models and styles of sneakers. As well we are seeing #sneakerholics being more adventurous with their shooting and editing as well. Let us know whose pictures and sneakers are your favorites from this week’s choices. And be sure to share your pictures with us by messaging the @Sneakerpedia Twitter account and/or using the #sneakerholics tag. Remember the more times you share the better your chances to be randomly chosen for the next showcase.

@kevviekev78 Seattle, WA

@shuffleyerfeet Scotland

@ShiftRisto Minneapolis, MN


@Seb_JackDaniels Paris

@JadeTheKid Fairfield, OH







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