Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

Mondays is for the most part the start of the work week for many people. Dreading to head back to their jobs or maybe school there is one thing that we look forward to at the start of the week and that is the latest Twitter Sneaker Showcase. Throughout the week we our followers on Twitter share with us the sneakers they chose to wear throughout the week. With #sneakerholics spanning the globe each week the amount of submissions overwhelm us with the diversity of brands, models and colorways seen. From just purchased to vintage sneakers from decades back. This week’s round of randomly selected sneakers stand up with some of the previous showcases. Check out five pages for sneakerholic submissions below and be sure to let us know who your favorites are. Also don’t forget, to be eligible next week’s showcase, either mention @Sneakerpedia with your sneaker picture and/or use the #sneakerholics hash-tag.

@ShermHJr Memphis

@m8rty U.K.




@TheINFADER Jacksonville, FL


@DMenschMaschine Rio de Janeiro

@lucym1981 U.K.




2 responses to “Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

  1. Im here…………………………..

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