Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

Each week we ask our followers on Twitter to share with us what sneakers they are wearing and every week we are blown away by the diverse mix of kicks that people share with us. The variety includes everything from super rare and hardly seen before sneakers, to recently releases that come straight out of the box, to classic and vintage trainers that we can hardly believe are still wearable. Here is where we give our friends and followers a chance to get a little more shine and share their pictures with sneaker enthusiasts around the world. This week’s randomly selected sneakers could easily be one of the best yet, so without making you wait any longer, enjoy this week’s showcase and let us know your favorite kicks from this week’s picks.

Be sure to check out previous Twitter Sneaker Showcases as well.



@TAF_0627 Chicago, IL




@vardley Portland, OR

@amberfranxesca Birmingham, UK

@JRocks267 Chicago, IL



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