Stack ‘em! Sneakerholic Sneaker Showcase Part 2

How do you organize your sneaker collection? Is it stacked up to the ceiling? Maybe you have shelving units or containers to store your prized possessions in. Whatever way you have your sneaker’s set up it’s always neat to see how others solve the problem of keeping sneakers in order. For this showcase we are featuring even more #sneakerholics’ photos then in the first “Stack ’em!” post. This go around shows off even more taller stacks from the meticulously organized to the vastly disorganized. Once again see how #sneakerholics around the globe organize their sneakers, maybe it’ll give you some new ideas for your own collection

@gotSOLEboutique Indianapolis, IN

@mryumingwu New York City


@jpkicks NJ

@TheINFADER Jacksonville, FL


@soebo Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2 responses to “Stack ‘em! Sneakerholic Sneaker Showcase Part 2

  1. There goes my stack
    Aint much like some
    But plenty of heat

  2. REPRESENTIN’ RIO !!!!!!!

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