Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

It’s that time of the week that #sneakerholics around the globe look forward to. The next installment of the Twitter Sneaker Showcase has arrived for your viewing pleasure. As always the Twitter account was overwhelmed by sneaker enthusiasts sharing what sneakers they were wearing throughout the past week. Ranging from general releases to limited edition sneakers we see them all. A large range of brands and styles are showcased once again. Let us know who’s sneakers are your favorite either in the comment section below or on Twitter. And remember to have a chance to be chosen for the next showcase share your sneaker pictures to the @Sneakerpedia account and/or use the #sneakerholics tag.


@MitchGoldenboy Capital City, Canada

@iLLest_ED Hawaii

@JRocks267 Chicago, IL


@itsnothardforme London


@FeetHeat Philadelphia, PA




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