Sneaker Event: Sneakerness Vienna, Dunkxchange Washington D.C., Sole Slam Manila

Sneakerness Vienna 2011

Sneakerness Vienna 2011 September 10th

The past two weeks have been filled with sneaker events all around the globe. Showing that the love of sneakers is international there are events ranging from Vienna, Austria, Washington D.C., U.S.A., and Manila, Philippines. First up we see Sneakerness finishing off their 2011 season with their Vienna show. Running from 12-7pm local time if the event is as successful as Amsterdam then you should not miss the show if you can help it. 

Food, drinks, entertainment and plenty of sneakers. Sneakerness was created to provide an environment conclusive for the documentation, encouragement and networking within the sneaker culture. Offering a spot for#sneakerholics to buy, sell, trade and experience the sneaker culture firsthand. As well after the show there is an official Sneakerness after-party to attend as well.

Dunkxchange Washington D.C. September 10th

Dunkxchange Washington D.C. September 10th

On the same day in the United States Dunkxchange invades the country’s capital city. Originally scheduled for late August, Hurricane Irene had other ideas. The event will be happening and give #sneakerholics the venue buy, sell and trade sneakers much like they have for many years. Running from 3-8pm local time, expect to see plenty of intriguing sights and be entertained with musical acts as well.

Sole Slam Manila 2011 September 11th

Sole Slam Manila 2011 September 11th

To finish off the weekend, on Sunday, September 11th Manila will play host to their own sneaker event. Sole Slam Manila 2011 will be held showing that the Philippines love sneakers as much as any other nations. On hand will be over 30 vendors plus food, drinks and music. Contests, special performances and exhibits on hand, the event runs from 2-8pm local time.

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