Solemart Berlin Event Recap

Solemart Berlin 2011

Happening at the same time as the Crooked Tongues BBQ in London, Solemart Berlin was in full swing as well. Held in Berlin’s planetarium, the heat didn’t stop plenty of heat on people’s feet and displays. The event was unique in terms of a variety of shops in attendance with displays including SoleboxSTAB and Overkill just to name a few. Along with the retailers the brands came out in full force setting up their own intricate displays and setups. From Nike showing off a history in running sneakers, to Asics’ vintage collection and much more. Patrons were able to buy, sell, trade and mingle with other #sneakerholics. Taking the event up another notch, we can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for Solemart.

Photography taken by EUKicks


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