Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

It’s that time again #sneakerholics, after another week has passed, we are back with the latest Twitter Sneaker Showcase. This week’s showcase shows some of the sneakers worn by sneaker enthusiasts from around the world. One of the best things about having more and more sneakerholics participating and sharing what’s on their feet is the diversity of sneakers that are shared. This week’s showcase includes a big range of brands and styles that help give sneaker enthusiasts an idea of what fellow sneaker lovers are wearing. If you have friends that are on Twitter, let them know about the showcase so we can continue to share everyone’s kicks with sneakerholics worldwide.

@mikemikamitch@mikemikamitch Nice, France

To enter into the Twitter Sneaker Showcase, simply send us a picture on Twitter to @Sneakerpedia. You can also use the hashtag #sneakerholics, or do both. The more times you enter during the week, the better the chances of making it into the showcase, where other sneaker enthusiasts can see what’s on your feet and follow you on Twitter.



@dcondon25 South Portland, ME







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